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London’s Metropolitan Police say 53 arrests made during Champions League final

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London’s Metropolitan Police said 53 arrests were made during the UEFA Champions League final at Wembley Stadium in London on Saturday.

Five people were arrested for invading the pitch and the “majority of others for attempts to breach security,” the police force said in a statement.

The pitch invasion occurred during the first minute of the game between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund.

Footage of the incident shows Borussia Dortmund midfielder Marcel Sabitzer helping to stop one of the invaders from running around the pitch.

A spokesperson for Wembley Stadium condemned the pitch invaders.

“It is illegal to enter the field of play at Wembley Stadium, and we strongly condemn the actions of those who interrupted the UEFA Champions League Final shortly after kick-off,” a Wembley Stadium spokesperson said in a statement issued Saturday.

“All of the individuals have now been arrested. We will support the relevant authorities to ensure appropriate action is taken,” the Wembley Stadium spokesperson added.

While five people were arrested in connection with the pitch invasion, Metropolitan Police Commander Louise Puddefoot said in a statement that most of the arrests were for attempts to breach security, as some fans had tried to force their way into the stadium.

“We are confident that the overwhelming majority of attempts to unlawfully gain access to Wembley this evening were unsuccessful thanks to the efforts of officers, stewards and other stadium staff,” Commander Puddefoot said.

“There is a robust policing operation in place to support the Wembley security plan and officers have worked closely with stewards and stadium staff to maintain security throughout.

“Videos shared online showing groups running into entrances do not necessarily represent successful attempts to enter the stadium. There are typically multiple further levels of security beyond an initial entrance.”

Real Madrid went on to win the match 2-0, giving it a record-extending 15th European Cup.

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